Toning the skin is an important part of taking care of your face. Do it every day, morning and night, and you’ll see a difference in your skin. We often forget how vital the toner is to our daily facial cleansing because we don’t know much about the product.

Also, it’s a crucial part of our regular skincare routine, following washing and before moisturizing. The toner is what connects cleansing and moisturizing.

The toner makes the skin smoother, brings more blood to the area, which helps the tissues renewal, gives the skin a healthy glow, and awakens our face. It not only closes the pores and removes any leftover dirt or impurities from the cleansing step but also gets the skin ready for moisturizing.

Benefits Of Using Facial Toner Daily

  • The toner refreshes, moisturizes, closes the pores, restores balance, and gets the skin ready for the subsequent treatment. 
  • After cleansing, the skin’s pH level is brought back to normal, which helps the skin look and feel healthier.
  • Due to the fact that it has a toning impact on our skin, it causes an increase in the flow of blood in the region where we have applied it.
  • It assists in the closing of pores, revitalizes the skin, and rejuvenates the tissues in the body.
  • It has a pleasant perfume and a smooth texture, both of which are beneficial to the senses and the skin.
  • It is the ideal product for men to use as a replacement for shaving cream, which can be extremely harsh on the skin.

TIP: Micellar water can’t replace toner.

When To Use The Facial Toner In Your Skincare Routine

The toner is a part of your skincare routine that helps to refresh, wake up, hydrate, balance, and calm your skin.

You have to choose a toner based on whether you have sensitive, dry, combination, or oily skin. If your skin is dry or sensitive, look for a toner that is alcohol-free, soft, and nourishing. If your skin is oily or combination, look for one that controls the oil on your skin and makes it look matte.

Even on top of makeup, it can be applied in the middle of the day to the face in order to revive and rehydrate the skin.

How To Apply Facial Toner Correctly

  1. Using a cotton disc or toning lotion, softly pass it over your face using gentle touches or circular strokes without tugging the skin.
  2. You can also use very clean hands to put it on in small amounts, applying pressure with the palms of your hands but not rubbing.
  3. Before putting on the serum or cream, wait until the skin has fully absorbed the toner.
  4. Make sure to put it on your neck and chest, too.
  5. The last trick is to put it in the fridge and use it by dabbing and pinching it upside down.

This will give you the appearance of having skin that is at least 20 years younger than you actually are.