We use cosmetics every day, and unless they irritate or give us an allergic reaction, we rarely stop to look at what’s in them.

Some chemicals in cosmetics are so dangerous that they have been banned in some countries. However, in many others, they are still sold, and you need to know what they are so you don’t buy products with them.

No matter how much a cosmetic product costs, it is likely to contain some of these chemicals in a small or large amount. We should avoid putting these chemicals on our skin because they can cause damage over time and, in some cases, could cause cancer to grow.

1. Parabens

They are used as preservatives because they prevent bacteria from growing. Since they are cheap to make, many cosmetic brands use them.

But parabens change the way the body’s hormones work. These changes are called endocrine disruptors, and France and Denmark have banned parabens.

You should avoid parabens in cosmetics because of this.

2. Diethanolamine

Compounds like DEA, MEA, and TEA are found in soap and can slow hair growth, among other things.

They are used in many products to make them creamier or shinier, but some people with sensitive skin and eyes have trouble with them. The greatest threat posed by these three chemicals is that, when combined with other elements, they will increase the likelihood of cancer (although the danger is not very high).

You should not use the product if any of these things are on the label.

3. Aluminum

Aluminium is used in antiperspirant deodorants and has been linked to breast cancer. Even though it is a harmful ingredient that should be avoided, it is common to find it in any deodorant brand.

4. Lead

Yes, many lipsticks do have lead in them. Even though the amount of lead in lipsticks is minimal, the body absorbs it, and if we think about how often we use lipsticks, we can see that we have been exposed to a lot of lead.

The advice is to check the label of your lipstick to see if it has lead. If it does, you should throw it away because it is dangerous.

5. Ammonia

Even though ammonia is one of the less dangerous harmful ingredients in cosmetics, it still causes problems on the scalp.

It is used in a lot of dyes, but people with seborrheic dermatitis or eczema on the scalp shouldn’t use it.

6. Polyethylenglycol Compound (PEG)

This ingredient is used to make the bases of creams and has been linked to nerve damage. On the label, if you see words like “ethyl” or “glycol,” that means the product has harmful compounds.

7. Silicones

They are primarily found in makeup, but they are also in a lot of shampoos and conditioners. They are not dangerous, but using them for a long time hurts our skin, scalp, and hair.

These types of compounds are thought to be harmful because they soak into the skin and hair and stop them from “breathing.” This may make you feel like your appearance is better at first, but over time they damage the skin and hair, making them look worse.

8. Formaldehyde

They are the simplest aldehydes from a chemical point of view. They burn easily and are used to fix nail polish and body lotions in cosmetics.

It causes allergies in many people, but what’s really scary is that the National Cancer Institute has linked it to causing certain types cancer. Formaldehyde is one of the dangerous things that should be avoided in cosmetics.

9. Phthalate

Its worst quality is that, when combined with other chemicals, it has been shown to increase the risk of genetic mutations and change the way hormones work, which can lead to problems with reproduction.

At one point, it could be used instead of formaldehyde because it was also used to fix nail polish. But since these things have been found, it’s best to check the label to see if phthalate is an ingredient in the cosmetic and, if it is, to avoid using it.